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Founder and CEO

Madavan is a Microbiologist from Madurai Kamarajar University with more than 20 years of Industry experience. His inclination towards computational biology led him to be one of the early entrants in Bioinformatics research and services in India way back 2000 under mentorship of eminent scientists in DSQ Biotech in Chennai.

This  is a photograph of DNA


Library Preparation for Illumina Platform:

1) Rapid gDNA library construction

2) Rapid mRNA library construction

3) Rapid total transcriptome library (Ribominus) construction

Niche Genomics Services:

TCR Repertoire Sequencing : TCR sequencing provides huge potential for understanding the mechanisms of development of the normal immune response, providing insights into disease mechanisms and development of new therapeutics and treatment modalities in infectious diseases, autoimmunity and in cancer. (Patented Service)


Give us the Raw Data and experience the magic of uncompromising analysis and support leading to meaningful conclusions.

  • Microarray Data Analysis
  • Proteomics Data Analysis (iTRAQ)
  • Deep Sequencing Data Analysis
  • Integrated Omics Data Analysis


Microarray Data Analysis (Any Platform)

1) Gene Expression Profiling

2) miRNA Profiling

3) Copy Number / aCGH analysis