Case Studies

Case Studies

Monitoring and Surveillance of Antimicrobial Resistance

Nobel laureate Joshua Lederberg wrote, “The future of humanity and microbes will likely evolve as … episodes of our wits vs their genes”. According to the latest report from WHO (World Health Organization) Antimicrobial resistance is a global crisis that threatens a century of progress in health and achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Because the drivers of antimicrobial resistance lie in humans, animals, plants, food and the environment, a sustained One Health response is essential to engage and unite all stakeholders around a shared vision and goals. “At Theomics, we have developed rapid quantitative and qualitative screening of all the known antimicrobial resistance genes from environmental samples. We have developed our proprietary AMRgenes panel, which works seamlessly with Illumina MiSEQ deep sequencing platform to quickly, quantitatively and qualitatively screen AMR genes in a sample. We have optimized screening of upto 100 samples in a week and we expect the cost for screening a single sample to be as low as $99.

More Case Studies

COVID-19 Genome Sequencing Services

More than 1.2 million coronavirus genome sequences from 172 countries and territories have now been made available to accelerate research related to prediction of future pandemic, vaccine development and antiviral drug

Pan-cancer gene markers screening for variations

Genomics based testing of specific chromosomal loci associated to many diseases including cancer has been in practice for decades. With advancement in high throughput DNA sequencing,

Quantitative and Qualitative Identification and Reporting of existing and emerging livestock and Aquaculture pathogens

It is well known fact that billions of revenue loss occurs year on year due to outbreak of various pathogens that affect livestock and aquaculture.