Genomics Services:

Library Preparation for Illumina Platform:

1) Rapid gDNA library construction

2) Rapid mRNA library construction

3) Rapid total transcriptome library (Ribominus) construction

Niche Genomics Services:

1) TCR Repertoire Sequencing : TCR sequencing provides huge potential for understanding the mechanisms of development of the normal immune response, providing insights into disease mechanisms and development of new therapeutics and treatment modalities in infectious diseases, autoimmunity and in cancer. (Patented Service)

2) Whole Mitochondrial genome sequencing : Elucidation of pure mitochondrial genome for any organism using proprietary methodology (Patented Service)

3) Circular RNA Sequencing : Through proprietary methods, we can efficiently sequence circular RNA from mouse / human samples. and will also provide linear RNA profiles simultaneously. (Patented Service)

Deep Sequencing / Next Generation Sequencing  Services:

1) 16s rRNA sequencing (V3 & v4) – Illumina Platform

2) 16s rRNA sequencing (Complete Gene) – Oxford Nanopore Platform

3) Whole Metagenome Sequencing / Microbiome – Illumina Platform

4) Bacterial Genome Sequencing – Illumina / Nanopore / PacBio Platform

5) Viral Genome Sequencing – Illumina / Nanopore / PacBio Platform

6) Whole Genome Re-sequencing (Any Organism) – Illumina / Nanopore / PacBio Platform

7) Total Transcriptome Sequencing (Ribominus) – Resequencing- Illumina Platform

8) mRNA sequencing – Resequencing – Illumina Platform

9) Denovo Transcriptome Sequencing – Illumina / PacBio Platform

10) Small RNA sequencing – Illumina Platform

11) ChIP Sequencing – Illumina Platform

12) GBS (Genotyping By Sequencing) – Illumina Platform

13) Whole Exome Sequencing – Illumina Platform

14) Clinical Exome Sequencing – Illumina Platform

15) Whole Genome Assembly (Denovo) – Illumina / PacBio Platform