Give us the Raw Data and experience the magic of uncompromising analysis and support leading to meaningful conclusions.


Microarray Data Analysis (Any Platform)

1) Gene Expression Profiling

2) miRNA Profiling

3) Copy Number / aCGH analysis


Proteomics Data Analysis (iTRAQ)

1) Whole Proteome quantitative and qualitative analysis


Deep Sequencing Data Analysis

1) 16s rRNA based metagenome – Any Platform

2) Whole Metagenome – Any Platform

3) Denovo Transcriptome Assembly and analysis – Any Platform

4) RNA resequencing analysis – Any Platform

5) Small RNA sequence analysis – Illumina Platform

6) ChIP Seq analysis – Illumina Platform

7) Denovo Bacterial Genome Assembly and Annotation – Any Platform

8) Genome wide Variation Identification and Effect Analysis – Any Platform


Integrated Omics Data Analysis

1) RNA seq + Proteome data analysis (Translatome Analysis)

2) Small RNA seq + RNA Seq data analysis (Transcript regulation analysis)

3) ChIP Seq + RNA Seq + Small RNA seq analysis (Regulome analysis)

4) Methylation + RNA Seq analysis (Epigenome Analysis)

5) WGS data + RNA Seq analysis (Variation Effect Analysis)